Being Created

Volvl is currently in the process of being developed into something odd, however we are not sure what it is going to be.


Wtf is that?

To be honest, a lot of internal self debate has gone into deciding on what it should be for. Ultimately the current conclusion is to use it as a main brand that umbrellas smaller brands like Volvl and Aeythex. It will provide support and resources to it’s sub-brands of ideas and projects.

Looking for Developers and creators

Think you would like to help?

Volvl is a sub-branch or “project” of Hexeus, if you think you have a vision of what we can become, feel free to apply to be apart of our team. If you are interested, at the bottom of the page there is a Discord logo, just click that or click the one right below this to join our Discord server. Don’t forget to tell us you are interested in Hexeus, Volvl, or both! 😀

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